Bruce thanks the New Jersey MetLife audience for their incredible patience and support last night. As many now know, the start of the Saturday show was delayed until 10:30 due to the threat of lightning. Our audience handled itself with good cheer and positive energy and when we got the “all clear” to let people back to their seats and on to the field to start the show, it was their support that made Saturday night’s concert — which ended at 2:00 am — such a special night.

In addition, Bruce thanks the audiences for all three nights in New Jersey and all of our North American audiences from Fenway and Gillette to Toronto, Moncton, Vernon Downs, Philly, Chicago, D.C., and finally MetLife Stadium, for making these shows such a great climax to the first seven months of the Wrecking Ball Tour.

Finally, Bruce, the Band, and everyone at Thrill Hill Productions join together in thanking Ron Van de Veen, Brad Mayne, Dan Delorenzi, Ann Wheat and the amazing team at MetLife Stadium, the New Jersey State Police, and both the New Jersey and New York Transit Authorities, who helped all get home safely.