General Admission Lottery Procedure for Fall 2012

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Please see details below regarding policies and procedures for the show’s GA Lottery. The “lottery” allows holders of general admission tickets a random chance to enter the forward barricade area on the floor, closest to the stage. This is entirely optional and can be disregarded by GA ticket holders who do not wish to enter…

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Notes from the road: Night 2 in East Rutherford, NJ

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Photos by Jo Lopez At Friday night’s MetLife Stadium concert, Bruce and E Street began the show with “Living on the Edge of the World” and continued throughout to deliver hard-rocking New Jersey favorites. Anticipation was high due to the buildup of a record-breaking year of shows and a major performance on Wednesday night, and…

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Notes from the road: Night 1 in East Rutherford, NJ

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“This place is pretty nice!” remarked Bruce Springsteen as he and E Street Band returned to New Jersey for their first-ever show at MetLife Stadium on Wednesday night. “The E Street Band is here to consecrate the proceedings in this building with the power of rock and soul!” Clearly happy to be back on his…

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Notes from the road: Washington, DC

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Bruce greeted the sold-out Friday night crowd at Nationals Park in Washington, DC, by acknowledging the first-place status of the home team: “I hear there’s some pretty good baseball being played here — good for you!” Early in the show he asked, “Who here has never seen the E Street Band before?” Getting a surprising…

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Tom Morello and Eddie Vedder join Bruce on stage


Photo by Jo Lopez Just a few weeks after Fenway, Bruce and the E Street Band brought the Wrecking Ball tour to another historical ballpark, to “play two!” at Chicago’s Wrigley Field. The place was packed not only to the rafters, but to the rooftops: several times, Springsteen hollered to those fans gathered atop buildings…

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Wrecking Ball Tour Notes: Philadelphia, PA Night #1

Bruce Springsteen clearly puts on a show to be reckoned with every night whether it’s a bar or a stadium, an arena or a street corner in Europe. But there’s something very special about his relationship with Philadelphia that reaches way back into the past, into the early 1970’s, when he, as he said at…

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Charles Landau shares his Notes From Vernon

On their arrival for soundcheck, Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band went straight to the stage. A bare bones “Human Touch” dominated the session, followed up by flashes of “We Take Care Of Our Own” and “Shackled and Drawn.”  Watching the check left me with a sense that the band was ready to explore….

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Wrecking Ball Tour Notes: Vernon, NY from Holly Cara Price

From the moment Bruce and the E Street Band strode onstage shortly after 8pm looking for all the world like a gang of lean and mean rock and roll gunslingers ready to turn the audience inside out and leave them hoarse with screaming, the fact that this was going to be a special night and…

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Notes from Moncton

montcon bruce jo lopez 7E1A4955

Photos by Jo Lopez There are many effects in the arsenal of Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band, all of which they can call up at will. Longtime fans know that feeling of becoming addicted all over again. For newcomers, instant fandom is nothing short of a force of nature, and tonight at Magnetic…

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