From Charlotte, NC “The Wall”

Dedicated to Ray and Walter Cichon along with my drummer from The Castiles, Bart Haynes.

“Joe Hill” into “Clampdown”

Mayday Special!!!


Shot in Charlotte before the show. A big thanks to Thom Zimny, Chris Hilson and our film crew.


Highlight from Dallas: this is a great rock song!

Lorde’s “Royals”

Highlight from New Zealand.


Don't Change. Another one off highlight from our Australian leg!

Heat Wave

100 + degrees in Adelaide! So F'Ing HOT! HAD to start the show with this one!

Wages of Sin

Here’s one of my best and least known songs, played only once and recorded at our show in Turku, Finland. We’ve finally got a beautiful Thom Zimny edit and Bob Clearmountain mix for you. Thanks Nicholas!

More Highlights From Australia

Thom Zimny’s re-edit and Chris Lord-Alge’s re-mix of "Stayin’ Alive" from our last night in Brisbane!

Highlights From Down Under

Steve’s lifelong dream comes true! …as the band pulls off ‘Friday On My Mind’ (working on it since high school) from our show in Sydney, Australia on February 19, 2014.