Rock’s New Sensation

In a publicity coup engineered by producer Mike Appel, Springsteen appears simultaneously on the covers of Time (“Rock’s New Sensation") and Newsweek (“Making of a Rock Star”) magazines. Springsteen tells Time, “I don't understand what all the commotion is about...I feel like I’m on the outside of all this, even though I’m on the inside. It’s like you want attention, but sometimes you can’t relate to it.” In Newsweek, he says, “What phenomenon? We ain’t no phenomenon. The hype just gets in the way.”

Born To Run

Springsteen's third LP, Born to Run, is released. Co-produced by Springsteen, Appel, and Landau, the album is wildly praised by critics and goes gold in a matter of weeks, cementing Springsteen’s reputation and his standing with the label after the relatively poor commercial performance of his first two albums.

Live at the Bottom Line

A high-profile, ten-show stand begins at The Bottom Line in New York and builds excitement for Born to Run, with the title track released as a single at the end of the month.