Notes from the road: Hunter Valley #2

Bruce Springsteen is rock’s equivalent of a tightrope walker. A trapeze artist, his only safety net is fifty years of experience and a band he trusts. Human being’s generally crave order: while nature thrives on chaos. Bruce Springsteen mixes both components and reinvents himself every night. Tonight the tour bus is still in wine country,…

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Notes from the road: Hunter Valley #1

Look out of your car window in the Hunter Valley and you’ll see miles of vineyard and rolling hills. One of Australia’s most popular wine regions, tonight, eighteen thousand people, have turned up to see Bruce Springsteen and the E Street Band play outdoors. Five songs in, the sun has dropped like a dollar coin…

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On sale now!


Tickets to Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band’s upcoming concerts in Cincinnati, Virginia Beach, Columbus, Charlotte, and Raleigh are on sale now at!

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Notes from the road: Sydney

It’s Sydney. It’s raining. Traffic is at a standstill, and it’s the middle of the working week. By 8pm, all of that bad stuff is checked at the door. Allphones Arena is a rock and roll cauldron. It’s Bruce Springsteen’s only Sydney date and the mood in the room is heating up. On stage, a…

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Notes from the road: Melbourne #2

There’s a full moon in Melbourne and the Jersey Devil is in town for round two at Aami Park. The band hit the stage and … there’s no Bruce. After a little ‘on the boards bemusement’ Springsteen appears with a ‘I’m late for my own show’ and the band kick into a stadium thumping “Born…

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Read Tom Morello’s fascinating South African Diary

Tom Morello compiled a photo diary from the recent South African tour with Bruce & The E Street Band, shared with us here! Check out his photos below and visit Facebook to read more from Tom’s travels through Cape Town and Johannesburg.   I’ve been trying to get to South Africa for a long time….

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