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Born to Run

Born To Run at 40

40 years ago, I was hustling with the E Street Band to Providence, Rhode Island for the first show of the Born To Run tour. That morning, we’d just completed the last of the mixes in New York, and exhausted but thankful to be out of the studio, we headed north, ready — we thought — for whatever this music was going to bring us. It brought us you and a conversation that continues to this day. I want to thank all the fans for making this music theirs and for celebrating this very special day with us! Oh… and happy birthday Born To Run!



Bruce & the E Street Band on The Daily Show

Bruce Springsteen & The E Street Band gave Jon Stewart his “moment of Zen” on his final episode of The Daily Show tonight. Kicking off “Land Of Hope & Dreams,” Bruce said that the song was a request from Jon Stewart himself before closing out the show with the final verses of “Born To Run” as the show’s staff and correspondents danced around the stage.

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