March 18, 2014

“I Get Around…” Working For The Weekend:

Bruce9 Bruce10 Bruce111 Bruce12 Bruce13-500x421 Bruce14-500x519 Bruce15 Bruce16 Bruce17 Bruce18 Bruce19 Bruce20 Bruce211 Bruce22 Bruce23 Bruce24 Bruce25 Bruce26 Bruce27 Bruce28 Bruce29 Bruce30 Bruce311 Bruce32 Bruce33 Bruce35 Bruce36 Bruce37 Bruce1 Bruce21 Bruce41 Bruce51 Bruce61 Bruce8Greetings from where the alligators run free! I’m in the No Helmet Law- Splatter Your Brains Cross The Highway(should you choose) Stand Your Ground State of Florida!…or as we refer to it up North… New Jersey’s penal colony! ( no offense Floridians! )…we in the Garden State have plenty of our own problems. Let’s Ride!!!